Welcome to the Central Sierra Mountains

I am proud to take you on an adventure in the central sierra mountains. Being a realtor for 12 years in this wonderful place, I have learned to enjoy the finer things that these mountains present. There are so many wineries to explore, theatres to enjoy, and restaurants to visit.

But step out into the trees and the mountains, and you’ll see something so incredibly different and wonderful. From Mammoth Mountain to the Central Valley, from Lake Tahoe to the Sequoia National Park. There is so much to cover and so many adventures to find.

But why only come for a visit? This could all be in your own front and back yard. Just drive out of the driveway, turn left or right, and you are on your way to experience the finer things … either in quaint historical towns or in majestic forests and mountains.

Real estate is growing; and whether you are looking for your own special spot to build your dream home, or to find your dream home in a great neighborhood, The Central Sierra Homes Team is ready for you.

Jan Dyer

Jan Dyer, Licenced Realtor®

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